Chicago's Break-Through to Success

Presented by Chris Howard

Chris Howard is a transformational speaker who will present to PHS Luxury Conference attendees how to revolutionize your business and personal life. Using cutting-edge sciences to radically empower your entire mindset of launching you to higher levels of phenomenal success.

People of your caliber usually have a ferocious curiosity for learning. You are looking to maximize your earning potential, create greater fulfillment in life and make a difference by contributing on a grander scale. Because of your commitment to excellence you are likely to have an accurate sense of both your strengths as well as those areas where you can improve. In setting new goals, business and personal – do you ever find yourself frustrated by patterns of self-sabotage? Are you absolutely clear on your life’s purpose and business direction or do you sometimes feel off course, or even lost?

Many of us want wealth fulfillment, stronger relationships, a growing business, an empowering career, love and an extraordinary lifestyle.

Why You Should Attend?…and if you want to
• Grow your business and transform your leadership style
• Make more money and enjoy an incredibly exciting career
• Perform consistently at peak levels
• Have fulfilling relationships and the respect and admiration of people around you
• Play at the top of your game
• Build on your existing wealth and success
• Be on a life path you are passionate about

Presented at Pella Crafted Luxury

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