Creating Your Personal Brand

Presented by Diane Primo, IntraLink Global

As an executive or entrepreneur, it’s natural to think about branding your business. What do your print and digital assets look like? How do you talk about your business? What do you tell your team to say about your company? The last thing on your mind is one of the most important pieces of the branding puzzle: how are you branding yourself?

It’s a critical question. As a business owner or the head of a division, your brand can drive your business results. When you come in contact with people, they will brand you based on the image you project because human brains are wired to do this as a way of making sense of the world. So brand yourself before they brand you.

Diane Primo is a branding expert who writes extensively on branding and marketing issues. Her work has appeared in Forbes, the Huffington Post and other publications. She will discuss how to brand yourself for success by shaping your personal assets; cover all aspects of personal branding, and show you how to refine and redirect your brand as your career progresses.

Presented at Design Center

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