Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

An Earned Reputation Synonymous with Luxury

The very best in American-made craftsmanship, Wood-Mode luxury products are the culmination of more than 75 years of quality workmanship and design leadership. Best known for the stunning, furniture-grade finishes and extensive customization capabilities, Wood-Mode delivers designer cabinetry with quality materials and personalized solutions to satisfy the most discerning homeowner.

More Beauty from Within

Behind the fine architectural details of our finished cabinetry are practical solutions that are as functional as they are beautiful. From chrome interior pantries and accessories to award-winning integrated lighting in various applications in cabinets and drawers, Wood-Mode offers a wide array of built-in and convenience features that unite elegance and efficiency.

Craftsmanship in Every Form

Wood-Mode is uniquely diverse in other ways as well. The cabinet line offers products to support all design styles from traditional to contemporary—each with modern amenities—in framed overlay and inset, as well as frameless construction. There is also a diverse selection of materials. In addition to the natural beauty of popular wood species, there is a wide selection of materials to create a unique mix of visual and tactile looks within a space. Premium woods, exotic veneers, aluminum and stainless steel, backpainted glass, textured laminates, to name a few. Lastly, the range of finish options is diverse and durable using time-tested techniques for stains, glazes, burnished and distressed, opaque color finishes, and a custom color program that will formulate any color you want.

Custom Furniture for Every Space

The breadth of product and options along with custom capabilities results in the opportunity to enjoy one-of-a-kind rooms throughout the home, including applications like wainscot paneling and trim to custom furniture pieces.

From the first cabinet built in a small Pennsylvania lumber mill in 1942 to custom kitchens completed in our 1.3 million square foot facility today, each and every Wood-Mode cabinet is proudly made in the USA. And with that heritage comes a long-time commitment to the environment. For over 30 years—long before “being green” was popular—Wood-Mode practiced good environmental stewardship. From a self-sustaining unit that eliminates 99.4% of all emissions to recycling sawdust and scrap wood to fuel and power much of the operation, Wood-Mode takes pride in being the industry’s largest custom cabinet producer in a manner that demonstrates its genuine concern and care for the environment.

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